Read the sentences Then rewrite each possessive noun correcting its use of the apostrophe

Moms' purse is on the hall table

The witnesses's testimony convicted him

The original solo designers' plans are the best

Two womens' jackets were left on the bus

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asked by Jerald
  1. All are correct. -:)

  2. The fifteen artist's show was well attended

    The judges's decision seemed harsh

    That stores' hours are ten to nine

    The four kitten's mother is a purebred

    The pianos' condition is poor

    the hamsters's cages need to be cleaned

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    posted by Jerald
  3. These are not clear. We can't tell whether it's one or more judges or one or more stores. Ask your teacher about them.

    Your other answers are correct.

  4. Okay thank you

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    posted by Jerald
  5. You're welcome.

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