URGENT!! 7th Grade Math Help Please!!

2. Price of the iPad Mini: $329.00

Price of the iPad with a 15% discount. Show all of your work please!! [4 points]

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  1. first thing about percentage problems think either decimals or factions.

    Decimals if your teacher is nice and lets you use a calculator.

    .15*329=$49.35 will be taken off the original price

    $329.00-$49.35=$279.65 new discounted price

    Now for the fractional version if you like factions:

    x/$329.00 = 15/100

    Let's cross and multiply then divide


    look it just like the decimals then you would subtract

    $320.00-$49.35=$279.65 discounted price

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    posted by Shawn
  2. do it yourself

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