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If a completely cylindrical bar with a mass of 5000kg is flung into a wall with a surface area of 500un^2 and is morphed into a square at 50NMC/m at 40 degrees tangent to the area of initial impact. What is the length of the sides?

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asked by Lexi
  1. Third year?
    Try drawing all the vectors and their rates for EACH stage and see if that helps.
    Your final answer should be:
    If you still can't get it don't be afraid to ask for an explanation.

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  2. I get:
    all at E of S of the radius

    VecE=27.8m/s at N of W
    VecF=101.1m/s in a linear spiral

    Final= 1.87m
    Which of my vectors are wrong?

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    posted by Lexi
  3. Your F stage vector should be 784.3m/s in a spiral is correct.

    My guess is you didn't take [4(pi)SA^3] when finding F (:

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  4. Thank you so much!!! This problem gave me a headache!

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    posted by Lexi

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