physics (check my work pleas)

A 5.00kg ball is swung at the end of a 1.25 m chain with a w of 2.0s^-1. Find the balls
a)V (m/s)
b) KE 1/2mv^2
c) I, inertia
d) Ke with I
e) Fc--> centripetal force

a) v=rw
v= (1.25m)(2.0s^-1)
v= 2.5 m/s
b) 1/2 mv^2
c) I=mr^2
= (5)(1.25)^2
= 15.6
d0 =.5 Iw^2
= 15.6 J
e) Fc= (mv^2)/(r)
Fc= (5.0)(2.5)^2/ (1.25)
= 25N


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asked by susane

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