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Sela is a securely attached baby. Sela, therefore, is likely to successfully resolve the crisis of basic trust versus basic mistrust. India is insecurely attached, and is less likely to resolve the trust versus mistrust crisis successfully. In the long term:
whether or not children are securely attached in infancy will not matter. It is most likely that both children will end up about the same.
Sela will probably be more competent, resilient, confident, and curious, and India will be better able to resolve conflicts, interact positively with teachers, and get higher grades.
secure attachment in infancy will result in Sela becoming overly attached to her mother, so she will be more timid in adulthood. India, on the other hand, will learn to fend for herself, so she will be better adjusted in the long run.
Sela will feel more secure about herself, probably be better at making friends, and is more likely to do well in school. India is more likely to have such problems as inhibitions, dependency, and lower grades in school.

Please help, I have no idea

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