English expression

There are five menus on the right on the homepage. If you click the menus, you can get the information of the owner of the homepage.
Are the expressions correct?
Do we have to say 'buttons' instead of 'menus'?

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  1. If there are five menus, you'll need to indicate which one will give you the information of the owner of the homepage. For example:

    There are links to five menus on the right side of the homepage. If you click the bottom link, you can get the information of the owner of the homepage.

    You can use link or button interchangeable if the link is set up to look like a button. If it just looks like a link (say, at the left side of this webpage), then you should say link.

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  2. Sorry. I should have written the first of that as follows:

    You can use "link" or "button" interchangeably ...

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  3. Thank you. When the menus look like buttons, can we say as follows?

    Click the first menu.
    Click the first button.

    Are both OK?

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  4. A menu is the entire list of available topics. You can click on one topic in a menu or you can click on a button or a link, but you generally don't say that you'll click on a menu.

    See the two lists at the left in red? There are two menus there: one called SCHOOL SUBJECTS and one called FEATURES. But to get anywhere, you need to click on one item in the menu, not the entire menu at one click.

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