English expression

e.g. Guess What?

What is the full form of Guess What?

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  1. "Guess what?" is an imperative command with the understood subject you. It's used in informal speech and often introduces some startling news or gossip.


    Mary: Guess what?
    Anne: What?
    Mary: Margaret had twins!

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you! Then what is the full form of "Guess What? Can it be one of them below?

    1. Guess what it is.
    2. Gues what they are.
    3. Guess what the pictures below are.
    4. Guess what the follwing are.

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  3. It depends on what the answer to the question is going to be! Sometimes my granddaughter says "Guess what?" to me and then follows with an entire little story. Sometimes it's just a short sentence. You never know.

    I'd just stick with "Guess what?" It's complete in itself.

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  4. OK. 'Can you' is omitted or 'Do you' is omitted before 'Guess What?'?

    Do you guess what?
    Can you geuss what?

    Are both OK?

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  5. I've never heard the first one. I've heard the second, but the most common is simply "Guess what?"

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