A plane leaves an airport X,20.6degree east and 36.8 degree north,and flies due south along the same longitude for 8hrs at the rate of 1000km/h to another airport Y,20.6 degree east and tita degree south.the plane then flies west to another airport Z for 8hrs at the same speed. Calculate,
(a) the value of tita
(b)the longitude of Z

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  1. 8 hours at 1000km/hr = 8000km.
    The circumference of the earth is roughly 40000km, so the trip was 1/5 of the way around, or 72°.

    The plane is now at 72-36.8 = 33.2° south.

    At that latitude, the east-west circumference is 33470 km

    8000/33470 * 360° = 86°
    so, the plane is now at 86-20.6 = 59.4° west

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  3. Perimeter of a sector = 2r +:)/360 * 2 * 22/7 * r Hence, 2*9+120/360*2*22/7*9= 18 +120 *2 * 22 *9/2520 =18 +47520/2520 = 18+18.86 = 36.86cm

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