Physic Help!!!!

I need help with ONE PROBLEM

but it's really long.

Can some please Look at it, and help me out?

A Family is at the ice rink, trying out ice skating. Mother has a mass of 65kg, father has a mass of 85kg, and the twins, who are seven years old, each have a mass of 23kg, and all of them are wearing ice skates and standing on the ice.

Starting with everyone at rest, the father pushes the twins(Who are holding hands) with a constant force of magnitude 90N toward the mother. Father begins pushing when the twins are right in front of him, negligibly far away. He pushes until his arms are out straight, which is a distance of about 1m. The twins then continue with constant velocity for a distance of 3m until they reach the mother who catches and hugs them (this catching/hugging process is essentially a collision that lasts .6s)

1) Your task is to track the velocity, momentum and kinetic energy of the father, the twins and the mother. (You can treat the twins as a single "particle"

2) Consider four useful states for this situation and three processes that take place between the pairs of states. Define each state and process

a) State 1:_____________________________
b) Process 1->2:________________________
c) State 2:_____________________________
d) Process 2->3:_______________________
e) State 3:____________________________
f) Process 3->4:_______________________
g) State 4:____________________________

3) Make a sketch that shows each member of the family (as particles), the origin of coordinates and the positive direction.


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