Identify the CAPITALIZED portion of the sentences below.

18. MY FRIEND MARY is coming with us to the zoo.

complete predicate
complete subject
simple predicate
simple subject

19. I think we should VISIT the monkeys first.

complete predicate
complete subject
simple predicate
simple subject


complete predicate
complete subject
simple predicate
simple subject

asked by Jman
  1. I'll be glad to check your answers.

    Please note that there's an error in number 20.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. what is the error

    18. b
    19. c
    20. a

    posted by Jman
  3. 18 and 19 are correct.


    That is a complete sentence and contains a complete subject and a complete predicate.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. so which one would it be

    posted by Jman
  5. if u had to chose that is

    posted by Jman
  6. You cannot choose. There is no right answer. Tell your teacher that this question cannot be answered!

    posted by Ms. Sue
  7. okay my teacher is away for field trip that i di not go on and because of thanksgiving he wont be in until monday. :(

    posted by Jman
  8. wait we wasn't supoose to be capital. idk if that will change the anser

    posted by Jman
  9. WE wasn't to be capital

    posted by Jman
  10. plz answer

    posted by Jman
  11. Yes, it certainly does change the answer. We is the subject, so your original answer is right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  12. thanks. sorry for the mix up

    posted by Jman
  13. You're welcome. :-)

    posted by Ms. Sue
  14. 1.
    John Yinger thinks that the natural-born clause should be removed because (1 point)

    it makes international policy more difficult.
    it goes against a central principle of American democracy.
    it damages the relationship between American citizens and immigrant communities.

    What do natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens have in common? (1 point)

    Both can run for president.
    Both are citizens of the United States.
    Both are born in the United States.

    Which statement shows a contrast between the two opinions in the first selection? (1 point)

    The Constitution should be amended.
    America is open to foreign-born citizens.
    The president should be loyal to our country.


    You would expect an authoritarian person to
    (1 point)

    respect individual freedom.
    ask for other people's opinions.
    demand total obedience.

    When Nicholas Gage says Miss Hurd "nearly dragged" him onto his life's path, he is using (1 point)



    In "The Teacher Who Changed My Life," the author is trying to persuade readers that
    (1 point)

    immigrants face lots of difficulties.
    schoolteachers are not appreciated enough.
    he owes his success to Miss Hurd.

    Which of the following sentences contains a compound predicate? (1 point)

    The author's mother died to help her children emigrate.
    Miss Hurd was strict, yet encouraging.
    The author answered the phone and heard his teacher's voice.


    Which of the following sentences contains a compound subject?
    (1 point)

    The author and her sister were dropped at their new school.
    The principal was a grim-looking man.
    The author did not understand the purpose of hobbies and clubs.

    posted by plz help ms.sue
  15. I need this for language arts can someone please help!!!! me

    posted by karel
  16. foop

    posted by yu
  17. yea, some one answer this pls!!!

    posted by TTR+S<3
  18. 2. B
    7. A
    8. A

    posted by TTR+S<3
  19. My cousin Jesse was in a play this year. What is the simple subject, cousin or Jesse?

    posted by Donna
  20. The answer is Jesse

    posted by Elizabeth

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