To Kill A MockingBird

Hi, this question was assigned to me along with other questions.. but this one got me stuck.

1. What satirical points are being made about education through Scout's experiences?(In other words, what points is the author trying to get across to the reader about the nature of education in the state at the time? what ironies are revealed?)

Please help, Thanks.

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    Scroll down and read the notes for Chapter 2.

    Please repost if you want someone here to comment on the answer you come up with.


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  2. Is this right?

    It's ironic how Jem tells Scout that Ms. Caroline's system of teaching is something called the 'Dewy Decimal System, when we all know how Jem is wrong on this.

    That's all i could think of. o.o

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    Scroll down and read the section called "The Importance of Moral Education."

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  4. Sorry, I still don't understand. :(

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  5. "This theme is explored most powerfully through the relationship between Atticus and his children, as he devotes himself to instilling a social conscience in Jem and Scout. The scenes at school provide a direct counterpoint to Atticus’s effective education of his children: Scout is frequently confronted with teachers who are either frustratingly unsympathetic to children’s needs or morally hypocritical."

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  6. i know this is kind of late but an irony in the book is when Aunt Alexandra and her missionary circle are trying to help the "Mrunas". They are helping black people, but not helping the ones in their own town...

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