How to present smoking as a topic to students? There are 22 students (17 year olds) and they are learning English for 3 years.So any kind of discussion has to be excluded. I would really like to come up with something interesting! At the end of the lesson I am going to get a grade as a teacher so this is really important. I can fail too :/ I thought something like a big puzzle? Maybe print out big pieces of paper with some topic related pictures and make puzzle pieces. Students would come to the blackboard one by one and make a puzzle. But I don't know if it is doable. Any other interesting suggestions?

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asked by mark
  1. That might work --

    I substituted once in a high school special ed class when the lesson was anti-smoking. I ignored the prepared materials, but asked the students to tell me reasons not to smoke. I wrote their answers on a chalk board. Then I asked them reasons to smoke. Their reasons took up much less space on the board than the anti-reasons.

    I doubt if it kept anyone from smoking, but it was an interesting class.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Smoking is one of the world bad evil

    posted by Maqsood
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    posted by paul

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