Social Studies 8R help!!!!

What were the goals of (a) the Knights of Labor? (b) the AFL?

Answer (a) - ??????

Answer (b) - Unlike the Knights of Labor, the AFL supported the use of strikes to achieve its goals. The AFL collected money from its member unions. Some of it went into a strike fund. When AFL members went on strike, they were paid from the fund so that they could still feed their families.

Am I correct for answer (b) and in my textbook it doesn't say any goals of the knights of labor. In my textbook it says "Despite the failure of the Knights of Labor, the labor movement continued to grow"

Please help for answer (a)!!!

asked by Laruen
  1. Knights of Labor: Read the introductory paragraph and the section under Ideology.

    Your answer for B is correct.


    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. The Knights primary demand was for an eight hour day; they also called for legislation to end child and convict labor, as well as a graduated income tax. They were eager supporters of cooperatives.


    posted by Laruen
  3. Right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. thanks

    posted by Laruen

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