hey does anyone know where i can find some information abt Athenian Scolae bc ive looked online but nothing seems to come up? and i need some info quick

Scolae seems to be a word from which we get our word "school" -- but you're right; there's almost nothing online when you run a Google search for ATHENIAN SCHOLAE or SCHOLAE ATHENS.

I changed the search a little and put in SCHOLAE GREEK, and here's one of the results:
Scroll down to Military Titles and in the section on Army, you'll find reference to Scholon and scholae.

I changed the search again, and found an excerpt to an article which is available only to subscribing libraries, but there was this reference:
So it isn't strange to find that our word scholar is from the Greek word scholae, which means 'leisure.' Later, when philosophers such as Aristotle and ...
" target="_blank">

Whenever you search and search, but cannot find anything except in very closed websites like the one above, you need to get to your local or college library and make friends with the reference librarian! These people are trained to conduct searches for such arcane items.


In addition, maybe it's a term for a particular type of soldier:

(Broken Link Removed)


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asked by jia

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