What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence?

1. (Headed by a senior), the group drew up rules for School Spirit Week. - nominative absolute
2. My most valuable coin, (one from Spain), is worth more than $100.00. - prepositional phrase with a gerund
3. By mistake I opened a package (addressed to my sister)- past participial phrase
4. Houses should be designed (to take advantage of the sun's heat). - past participial phrase
5. The (weather remaining turbulent), we will postpone our canoe trip. - prepositional phrase with a gerund
6. Put the sizes on the uniforms (while sorting them out). - elliptical clause
7. (Although her personality had not changed at all), Megan looked quite different. - past participial phrase
8. We walked along the mountain path (looking for unusual flowers). - nominative absolute
9. The hero falls in love with a countess (is very beautiful). - Adjective Clause
10. (By serving as a popcorn vendor), Don saw many good games. - prepositional phrase with a gerund
Can you help me with the ones I have wrong and right. THANKS!

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  1. 3 and 10 are correct.

    I urge you to restudy your assignment to find at least some additional corrections.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 2. Appositive
    4. Infinitive Phrase
    8. Present Participle Phrase

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  4. I need the answers

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  5. I don't know who Ms. Sue is but she af. I have all the answers from Odysseyware.
    1. past participial phrase
    2. Appositive
    3. past participial phrase
    4. infinitive phrase
    5. nominative absolute
    6. elliptical clause
    7. adverb clause
    8. present participial phrase
    9. adjective clause
    10. prepositional phrase with a gerund

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