ap chemistry

I have taken ap chemistry but I have language barrier and sometimes I don't get it and I am getting behind.We are already in chapter 9.I don't want to quit.
What is the best way to improve and learn faster?Any practice I should do?What is the experience taking ap chemistry board exam?

asked by zoya
  1. I think there are limited options for someone too far behind. The best option, I think, is for you to get a tutor. Get someone who will listed to what you don't understand. Take what the tutor talks to you about and practice on your own. Practice, practice, practice. Bob Pursley is quite good at giving advice to struggling students. I'm sure he will see this and add his own recommendations. Good luck.

    posted by DrBob222
  2. I agree on the tutor. Also, get another text (college used book store) to see the same material in differing words.

    On the ap chem board exam, nationally, most do not do well. I have to be honest, most ap chem students need to retake college chem if for nothing else, the lab experience. I wouldn't put a lot of worry into this. Have you discussed this with your teacher?

    posted by bobpursley
  3. ya I have.He said If you have any questions just ask me but i think i am to shy. About ap board exam he said that you should take this as challenge.

    posted by zoya
  4. DrBob222, thank you.
    Is there any online worksheets related to
    chemistry 8th edition zumdahl up to chapter 9.
    The topic include..
    -percent composition of compounds and formula for compound like molecular and empirical
    -balancing equations
    -limiting reactant
    -theoretical and percent yield
    -net ionic equation
    -oxidized and reduction reaction
    -different gas laws
    sorry for long list. Only one worksheet would be helpful

    posted by zoya
  5. I like the way this author explains chemistry. There aren't a lot of worksheet with this material but the organization and explanations are very good I think.

    posted by DrBob222
  6. thnks...but there are not any worksheets

    posted by noorie
  7. All of the worksheets were from course and they had no answers.

    posted by DrBob222
  8. ok

    posted by zoya

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