Jane is x years old today. Her brother Kenny is 4 years older. After seven years their total combined age will be 24 years. Write a linear equation for their total combined age after seven years. Fine James age today.

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  1. x and x+4 forever

    x + 7 + x+ 4 +7 = 2x + 18 = 24 after seven years
    2x = 6
    x = 3
    x+4 = 7

    so James is 3 now

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  2. Now:
    Jane --- x
    Kenny --- x+4

    after 7 years:
    Jane --- x+7
    Kenny -- x+11

    at that time:
    x+7 + x+11 = 24
    2x = 6

    Jane is now 3, (where does James come in ? )

    ...... If you have to do it using 2 variables ....
    jane now --- x
    Kenny now -- y

    y - x = 4 (#1)

    x+7 + y+7 = 24
    x+y = 10 (#2)
    add #1 and #2
    2y = 14
    y = 7
    x = 3
    Same answer, but the first method looked easier.

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