Microeconomics Assignment

Ok i have this assignment to do and i just can't seem to do it, the question is I have to find a news article that would be a good example of some kind of competition among firms in any goods or service industry. Can't someone please help me find a article! Thanks!

First of all, don't sweat it; there are articles about markets and competition in business sections of papers every day.

For example, in today's Wall Street Journal, there is 1) an article about artisans selling their crafts at fairs, 2) an article about groups that do market research for mutual funds, 3) an article about how the mortgage industry is adversely affecting bond markets, 4) an article about why the price of corn is rebounding, 5) and article about competition amoung satellite radio services, and on and on.

Most, libraries, I would think, carry subscription to the WSJ. If not, try the business section of the New York Times, or even your local paper.


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