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The probability that a person catches a cold during the cold and flu season is 0.62. Assume that 5 people are chosen at random.
A) What is the probability that exactly four of them will catch a cold?
B) What is the probability that three or more of them will catch a cold?
C) On average, how many of these five people would you expect to catch a cold?

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  1. prob of cold = .62
    prob of not cold = .38

    a) prob of 4 of 5 catch cold
    = C(5,4) (.62)^4 (.38)

    b) prob 3 or more
    = prob 3 + prob 4 + prob 5
    = C(5,3)(.62)^3 (.38)^2 + C(5,4) (.62)^4 (.38) + C(5,5) .62^5
    = ...

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