Algebra 1

Two fewer than a number doubled is the same as the number decreased by 38. Find the number.

If n is "the number," which equation could be used to solve for the number?

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  1. "Two fewer than a number" doubled
    2(n-2) = n-38

    Two fewer than "a number doubled"
    2n-2 = n-38

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  2. Thank Yu. Unknowns seem to get me stuck. I have another one.

    Separate 846 into 3 parts so that the second part is twice the first part and the third part is triple the second part.

    Which of the following equations could be used to solve the problem?

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  3. call the parts a,b,c

    a+b+c = 846
    b = 2a
    c = 3b

    substitute in for b and c to get

    a+2a+6a = 846
    9a = 846
    a = 94
    so, b=188


    To solve this kinda stuff, just take it one step at a a time. First, translate the words into symbols. Then substitute things as needed. After a thousand or so, you'll get the hang of it. :-)

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  4. Thanks :)

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  5. none of your answers helped tf please do better!!

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