Please double check me
Find each rate
240 pounds of fertilzer divide by 6 lawns
Answer: 40 lbs/lawns

Which is the better buy: 5lb of sugar for $4.75 or 20lb of sugar for $19.92

Answer 5lb

Write the following proportions
If Maria hit 8 home runs in 15 softball games, then she should hit 24 home runs in 45 games
Answer: 24home runs / 45 games

Determine whether each pair of fractions is proportional
5/8 = 75/120
Answer: Proportional

Determine if the given rates are equivalent
12 gallon of paint /8,329ft2 = 9 gallon of paint /1240 ft2
Answer: Not proportional

A store has t-shirts on sale at 2 for $5.50. At this rate, what do five t-shirts cost?
Answer: $13.75

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  1. all correct

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  2. 240/6 what is the rate

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