Ratios- Please help
The ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10

The ratio of 7 dimes to 3 quarters

Marc took 3 hours(h)to mow a lawn while Angelina took 150 minutes (min) to mow the same lawn a week earlier. Write the ratio of Marc's time to Angelina's time as a ratio of whole numbers.

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asked by Sherri
  1. The ratio of 7 dimes to 3 quarters= 70 and 75 common factor of 5. So I can divide both numbers by 5 to get a ratio that means exactly the same thing as 70 to 75. This ratio will be 14 to 15

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    posted by Kelly
  2. 5 3/5 divided by 2 1/10 =

    28/5 / 21/10 = 28/5 * 10/21 = 280/105 = 2 2/3 to 1

    If you post your answers to the other two questions, we'll be glad to check them.

  3. Can you show me how you did this problem please.

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    posted by Allison
  4. can you explain how yo gert 2 2/3 to 1 from 280/105?

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    posted by Kim

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