The number of traffic accidents per day on a certain section of highway is thought to be Poisson distributed with a mean equal 2.19. Based on this, how many traffic accidents should be expected during a week long period?
a. 15.33
b. 10.95
c. approximately 10.36
d. approximately 12.21
e. none of these

If the standard deviation for a Poisson distribution is known to be 3.60, the expected value of that Poisson distribution is:
a. approximately 1.90
b. 3.60
c. 7.2
d. 8.28
e. 12.96

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  1. The mean is the expected value. An important feature to remember about the Poisson distribution is that the standard deviation is the square root of the mean.

    I'll let you take it from here.

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  2. 1.

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