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When a projectile is fired horizontally, which of the components of its motion is

(A) motion at constatnt speed
(B) uniformly accelerated motion
(C) If the initial velocity of the projectile is increased, what effect will this have on the time it takes the projectile to fall to the ground?


(a) horizontal velocity
(b) vertical velocity
(c) depending on if it is shot at an angle or not, it wont, if it is shot at an angle increasing the velocity would cause it to fall longer

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asked by Nicole
  1. a)the horizontal motion will be at a constant speed because there is no velocity and velocity change because it doesnt change direction and when we cancel up the final and inititial speed the difference is ZERO

    b)the vertical mtion will be at uniformly accelerated motion because there is velocity and change in velocity because there is change in direction when the object is moving veryicallly upward and downward and the change in velocity is constant at any piont

    c)it depends ao the angle of the initial velocity when it is released. if th e anngle is small, the object will fall sooner amd if it is large, it will have more flight time and will fall after a longer period. Am I right? sorry for asking after all this answers.

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    posted by John

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