I'm trying to study satire. I found this poem online

Now if you take an orange
And hold it in your hand,
It isn't really there at all -
Or so I understand.
A sensationalist will prove to you
That though you know it's there,
It's only just sensations
Of which you are aware.
Seing, feeling, tasting, smelling,
Sensations he will call,
And all these things exist in you
Not in the fruit at all.
"Now eat it " he may say to you,
"Sensations once again."
(Though since he says it isn't there
To eat would seem in vain.)
But still you feel he must be wrong
And so you will persist,
And tell him plainly you're quite sure
that matter does exist.
"It can't be seen or touched or heard
And so it can't be known,
So why assume it's there at all
When truth can ne'er be shown?"
Thus he'll reply, and after that
Maybe he will declare
that you are only his sensation
And so you can't be there.
"But I'm as real as you!" you cry -
To this he must agree,
And so maintains that he himself
Is unreality.
It follows thus that everything
Which you would say exists,
Is non-existent and unreal
To the sensationalists.
And therefore I will cease to write
Since I cannot be here,
And none can ever read this lines
For nobody is there!

-Jane Goodall

Is it the same lady who is a zoologist? and is this satire? or just a fun poem?

Loud Prayer

Our father whose art's in heaven
hollow be thy name
unless things change
Thy wigdom come and gone
thy will will be undone
on earth as it isn't heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
at least three times a day
and forgive us our trespasses
as we would forgive those lovelies
whom we wish would trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
too often on weekdays
but deliver us from evil
whose presence remains unexplained
in thy kingdom of power and glory
oh man

Loud Prayer by Lawrence Ferlinghetti; seems like parody, but is it satire?

And his "Christ Climbed Down" does strike me as satirical. Can we say that these last lines show that he is hoping for a better future minus the commercialization of christmas?

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and softly stole away into
some anonymous Mary's womb again
where in the darkest night
of everybody's anonymous soul
He awaits again
an unimaginable
and impossibly
Immaculate Reconception
the very craziest
of Second Comings

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  1. Irony is one of the most common elements of satire. Irony is when the outcome is contrary to what you have been led to believe is going to happen.
    Incongruity would be another term - it just doesn't fit.

    Satire uses irony to poke fun at common human frailty. Each of those poems does this. Look at the last lines of the "sensationalist" poem. The second is using the Lord's Prayer to satirize man's tendency toward sin.
    The third poem has much the same point. I hope this helps; if you have further questions, please repost.

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