A hydraulic lift office chair has its seat attached to a piston with an area of
11.2 cm2
. The chair is raised by exerting force on another piston, with an area
of 4.12 cm2
. If a person sitting on the chair exerts a downward force of 219 N,
what force needs to be exerted on the small piston to lift the seat?

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  1. Force on big piston/force on small piston = 11.2/4.12 = 2.72 which is the mechanical advantage of our hydraulic jack machine

    219/2.72 = 80.5 Newtons

    That is a pretty light person by the way.

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  2. 80.56 N

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  3. 11.2/4.12=2.72, 219/2.72=80.5 N
    thanks Ms. Smith!

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  4. your

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  5. A1 = 4.12 x 219 / 11.2 = 80.5N

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