Chemistry(Please answer, thanks)

I have to answer the following questions about C3H7Cl:

Are there different constitutional isomers for this formula, are there different cis/trans isomer, and are there different conformers?

I know that C3H7Cl can be drawn two ways:

H-C-C-C-Cl With H's above and below the 3 carbons

H-C-C-C-H with H's above and below the carbons and a Cl on one of the carbons.

I am not sure if these two ways would be considered conformers or constitutional isomers?

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  1. Hmmm. Why do you assume the CL is on the end carbon? I see no difference in the three you drew, but if Cl were on either of the center carbons....

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  2. So then they are not conformers or constitutional isomers correct?

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  3. C-C-C-Cl is one isomer.

    is another isomer

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