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social studies

gender issues applied to learning and development

Boys’ stereotypes in k-12 to Grade 2 . How these issues will affect boys’ learning and development?

Girls’ stereotypes in
K-12 TO Grade 2. – How these issues will affect girls’ learning and development?

There have been many recent studies on womens issues an mens issues, expecially on stereotypes in primary grades. I don't see much on the internet, except bibliographies. You are going to have to look through your college library to find these, I suspect.

How do they affect learning and developement? I believe on huristic evidence it affects learning styles, and attention. Certainly it affects roles in classroom...such as who is the question asker, and who is the answerer.

Good luck. You also might want to look into the issue of the role of play in learning, as it is based on gender, and play has a great deal to do with learning.

Possibly these articles will be helpful:

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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