This isn't a question for math homework but i have a really low grade in math and i want to raise it up. What can i do to get my grade up because i am getting progress reports on Monday and i want to get a really good grade.PLEASE HELP!!!!

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asked by Jimena
  1. Talk with your teacher to find out why you're doing so poorly in math. S/he probably can pin point your problem and make suggestions.

  2. you should talk to your teacher and they will help you and will find a way you can go to tutoring or something just try your best to get your grade up.

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  3. ask your teacher for tutoring or find out if there are any tutoring classes in ur school. (good luck)

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    posted by erin
  4. I have The Exact same problem I'm trying to Get all my missing work (the homework i dident do) Into the teacher and if your test grades are really low like mine you should probably get tutoring or ask a kid in the class to help you out But since progress reports are coming out soon you should talk to the teacher to ask If you can do any work to get your grade up.

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    posted by Mary

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