For the reaction A + 2B + C ----> 2 D + E the following initial concentration and initial reaction rates are found:

[A]null (M) [B]null (M) [C]null (M)
0.150 0.150 0.150
0.275 0.150 0.150
0.275 0.564 0.150
0.150 0.314 0.253
0.193 0.314 0.217

initial rate wrt E (Ms^-1)

a) find the exponents m n and p of the reactants A B and C

b)what is the overall order to reaction for this reaction?

c)find the rate constant k using experiment 3 including units.

d)find the rate of reaction wrt E for experiment 5

so far....i've attempted the questions but i'm stuck. here's what i have

rate 2/rate 1=
1.36 = (.275/.150)
1.36 = (1.83)^n

is this correct so far????
thanks in advance

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