Some readers view Beowulf as a boastful glory seeker. Other readers view Beowulf as a noble, selfless man. Based on your reading of the excerpts, discuss each point of view in a well structured paragraph. You will have two separate paragraphs -- one for Beowulf as a boastful glory seeker and one for Beowulf as a noble selfless man. Each paragraph must contain supporting evidence from the poem in the form of one or two brief quotations.

I got confused with what there asking me to do. And I didn't understand the poem that well about beowulf. Can u plz explain thank you

asked by Danee
  1. Okay did Beowulf fight Grendel just to get noticed by the king. Or did he fight him so that no one else would have to risk there lives.

    posted by Danee
  2. See your most recent post.

    This is correct: Or did he fight him so that no one else would have to risk there lives.

    posted by Writeacher
  3. 2132134669

    posted by AD

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