I am in need of some basic tools in which to become better prepared to excel in my "Conceptual Physics" college course. I am a retired veteran of the Army and have not been in school for 25 years. Some reference charts for Trigonometry, basic glossary for any terminology, YouTube videos,etc.....??? I am struggling with my homework. Suggestions please. Thanks


asked by Eric
  1. Eric, I'm not sure what you need, but if it's Physics tuition (or Math)try Khan Academy. Hundreds of short vids.

    Hope Jiskha don't mind this post.

    posted by charlie
  2. Real life experience:

    I am not exceptional in math but I have managed to learn chemistry by using only a couple books and the internet. I spend hours on my smartphone with practice questions and homework questions that I've found on the net. I'm not even a student in a school but I have been surprised by the amount of knowledge I've gained. I really think your best bet is a couple of testing books/textbooks from the school or bookstore and then use the net. If you don't like studying in a closed room, you can take your smartphone to a park or a scenic area and this will make it fun! Many sites for chemistry such as chemteam have problems with all the answers and explanations, and I am sure the same is going on for physics.

    posted by Jennifer
  3. A barge is hauled along a straight-line section of canal by two horses harnessed to tow ropes and walking along the tow paths on either side of the canal. Each horse pulls with a force of 490 N at an angle of 16° with the centerline of the canal. What is the net force on the barge?

    posted by Anonymous
  4. 15 N

    posted by Fjfkslajf

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