seeds of type A and type B are sold in packets, each must contain
1) both type a and type b seeds
2) at least twice the amount of type B as there are type A
3) no more than 12 seeds
state the minimum number in each paket of type A and of type B
if here are x tye A and y Type B seeds in each packet wrie inequalities to represent the above conditions

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  1. x>0 ; y>0
    y >= 2x
    x + y <= 12
    2x - y <= 0
    3x <=12
    0 <x <= 4
    2<= y <= 11 since x must be at least 1 and the sum with x cannot exceed 12

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  2. how do you do least common factor

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  3. This is a separate subject. Please click "Post a new question" above

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  4. can you chow me how to do least common factor

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