Algebra BD bisects <ABC. Solve for x and find m<ABC.

m<ABD = 4x - 16, m<CBD = 2x + 6

Please teach me how to work this.

asked by Jane
  1. since BD bisects <ABC, m<ABD = m<DBC

    4x-16 = 2x+6
    2x = 22
    x = 11

    m<ABC = m<ABD + m<DBC = 4*11-16 + 2*11+6 = 28+28 = 56

    posted by Steve
  2. Steve, thank you so much. You explained it so I could understand it.

    posted by Jane
  3. That's the plan. :-)

    posted by Steve
  4. in triangle ABC, BD bisects <ABC, <ABD = 4x + 6 and m<DBC = 5x -5. find the m<abc

    posted by Arooj
  5. 10007

    posted by Young thug
  6. bisects ∠ABC, m∠ABD = (6x − 8)°, and m∠CBD = (2x + 28)°. What is m∠ABC?

    posted by Anonymous

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