Pre-Calculus need help in an Hour before test

I timesd x+5 by 2 to get rid of 2 at the bottom and timesd y by 2. Then to get rid of 2 from y i divided it, and i got this.

however my teacher got y=f(1/2(x+5))

what did i do wrong?

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  1. The problem seems to be ambiguous notation.

    Without more parentheses, it is unclear whether your
    y=f(x+5/2) is
    y = f[(x+5)/2]
    y = f[x + (5/2)]
    They are not the same thing.

    One of those agrees with your teacher's

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  2. The question in my book only has brackets around (x+5/2)

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  3. I still don't understand the whole process

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