Social Culture

I am trying to analyze and interpret the following quotation: The confrontation of Western civilization with other peoples whose values were often dramaticdally opposed to the West's..suggests that by the daWN OF THE TWENTIETH CENURY, THE TRADITION AND SENSE OF CENTEREDNESS THAT HAD DEFINE INDIGENOUS CULTURES FOR HUNDREDS, EVEN THOUSANDS, OF YEARS WAS EITHER THEREATENED or in the process of being destroyed. Worldwide, non-Western cultures suddenly found that they were defined as outposts of new colonial empires developed by Europeans, resulting inthe weakening of traditional cultural practices, political leadership, and social systems that had veen in place for centuries." (Sayre 2013)

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  1. Indigenous peoples had lived for thousands of years with the same customs and religious beliefs. Very little changed over the many generations. Then Europeans and Americans took over many of these lands with vastly different customs. They were used to change. These intrusions created disruption and often disaster in the cultures of these indigenous peoples.

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    Ms. Sue

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