Physics for exam

I can't get this question and its been driving me crazy. I need to know how to do this for my exam. Any help would be appreciated.
A golfer is practising his/her swing at a distance of 150m from a house. On the way back to the ground, 5.00 seconds after being hit, the ball goes through a second storey window that is 6.00m from the ground. With what initial velocity did the ball leave the face of the golf club? Ignore the effects of air resistance in your calculations. Draw a diagram that shows the horizontal and vertical components of the initial velocity (I can do this last part once I can get the answer)

You have two equations:
2) vertical:
6=0+Vj*5 - 1/2 g *5^2
solve for vi, vj the initial horizontal and vertical components.

i did that already but that still doesnt tell me the intial velocity altoghter. This is a practice exam and I hav the answers so I know what there supp[osed to be but I cant get it.

Scracth that I got it. Thanks = )

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