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The ratio of the length of a parallelogram to that of its breadth is 7:4. The length is longer than the breadth by 746.1 cm. Find the perimeter of the parallelogram

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  1. l/b = 7/4
    l = b+746.1

    so, since l = 7/4 b,

    7/4 b = b+746.1
    3/4 b = 746.1
    b = 994.8
    so, l = 1740.9

    check: 1740.9/994.8 = 1.75 = 7/4

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  2. l:b = 7:4

    but l = b+746.1
    4(b+746.1) = 7b
    2984.4 = 3b
    b = 994.8
    l = 994.8 + 746.1 = 1740.9

    perimeter = 2l + 2b = .....

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  3. they are right

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  4. 5471.4

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