The midpoint of the linesegment from P1 to P2 is (-4, 1). If P1 equals (-4,6)what is P2?

Any help would be great.

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  1. > The midpoint of the linesegment from P1 to P2 is (-4, 1). If P1 equals (-4,6)what is P2?

    Find the distance between P1 and the midpoint:

    P1 - midpoint
    (-4,6) - (-4, 1)

    Start with the "x" coordinates. Since the "x" coordinate is the same (x = -4) for both P1 and the midpoint, we know the line is vertical. P2's
    "x" coordinate will also equal -4.

    Next subtract the "y" coordinates:
    P1 - midpoint
    6 - 1 = 5

    The distance between P1 and the midpoint is 5 coordinate points.

    Next subtract 5 from the midpoint's "y" coordinate to find P2.
    midpoint - 5
    1 - 5 = -4.

    P2 = (-4, -4)

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