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Is the Mississineewa Lake A MAJOR LAKE at Indiana! And for peace sake I mean is it a Major! LAKE! in Indiana!!!! And I! don't mean is it in Indiana!

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  1. Overall, I need to know if Mississinewa Lake is a major lake at Indiana. And I mean IS IT A MAJOR LAKE....AND DON'T MEAN WHERE IS IT!
    I don't want to be mean but can you just tell me if the LAKE IS A MAJOR LAKE in Indiana....I ONLY want to know if MISSISSINEWA LAKE IS A MAJOR LAKE!!!!!!!!! and I DON'T mean the location!!!! And please read carefully especially the capitalizaed WORDS!!!!
    I only want if the lake is a major lake or not!

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  2. jeez calm down don't spring a leak in your brain for pete's sake we get the idea. i'll be surprised if nobody wants to help you because you were rude and supposedly believe that we're . well, i'm not helping you!

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  3. Neither am I

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  4. No. It is not a major lake.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. I don't mean to be rude, but i was just really mad and I need the indormation so i got stressed out! Sorry and Thank You very much!

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  6. nice of you.

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  7. Well! Too Bad!

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