Social Studies

Is the Mississineewa Lake A MAJOR LAKE at Indiana! And for peace sake I mean is it a Major! LAKE! in Indiana!!!! And I! don't mean is it in Indiana!

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asked by Peter
  1. Overall, I need to know if Mississinewa Lake is a major lake at Indiana. And I mean IS IT A MAJOR LAKE....AND DON'T MEAN WHERE IS IT!
    I don't want to be mean but can you just tell me if the LAKE IS A MAJOR LAKE in Indiana....I ONLY want to know if MISSISSINEWA LAKE IS A MAJOR LAKE!!!!!!!!! and I DON'T mean the location!!!! And please read carefully especially the capitalizaed WORDS!!!!
    I only want if the lake is a major lake or not!

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    posted by Peter
  2. jeez calm down don't spring a leak in your brain for pete's sake we get the idea. i'll be surprised if nobody wants to help you because you were rude and supposedly believe that we're stupid. well, i'm not helping you!

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  3. Neither am I

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  4. No. It is not a major lake.

  5. I don't mean to be rude, but i was just really mad and I need the indormation so i got stressed out! Sorry and Thank You very much!

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    posted by Peter
  6. nice of you.

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    posted by Peter
  7. Well! Too Bad!

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    posted by Peter

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