Somewhere in the Mojave Desert, the army set up training camps
named Arachnid, Feline, Canine, Lupine, Bovine, and Thirty-Nine.
Arachnid is 15 miles from Canine. Bovine is 12 miles from Lupine.
Feline is 6 miles from Thirty-Nine. Lupine is 3 miles from Canine.
Bovine is 9 miles from Thirty-Nine. Bovine is 7 miles from Canine.
Thirty-Nine is 1 mile from Arachnid. Feline is 11 miles from Lupine.
No other pairs of training camps are connected by roads.
Answer each of the following questions (in each answer, indicate
both the mileage and the route): What is the shortest route from
Feline to Bovine? Canine to Thirty-Nine?
Lupine to Thirty-Nine? Lupine to Bovine?
Canine to Feline? Arachnid to Feline?

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