Which of the following phrases best defines rhythm?
(1 point)

Repeated sounds across lines of poetry
a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum
A collection of lines in a poem
The regular of irregular rhyme scheme in a poem

Which of the following statements about Anne Bradstreet is NOT true? (1 point)

Anne Bradstreet was the first published poet in America.
Anne Bradstreet was born and educated in England.
Anne Bradstreet favored poems with regular rhyme scheme and rhythm.
Anne Bradstreet was never married.

read this poem then answer the questions

To Her Father with Some Verses

Most truly honored, and as truly dear,
If worth in me or ought I do appear,
Who can of right better demand the same
Than may your worthy self from whom it came?
The principal might yield a greater sum,
Yet handled ill, amounts but to this crumb;
My stock's so small I know not how to pay,
My bond remains in force unto this day;
Yet for part payment take this simple mite
Where nothing's to be had, kings loose their right.
Such is my debt I may not say forgive,
But as I can, I'll pay it while I live;
Such is my bond, none can discharge but I,
Yet paying is not paid until I die.

How many couplets are in this poem? (1 point)


Which of the following best describes the main theme in this poem? (1 point)

The writer owes money to her father.

The writer greatly respects her father and the way he has raised her.

The writer does not agree with the way her father handles money.

The writer has repaid her father for his good deeds.

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  1. No one here will do your work for you, but if you post what YOU THINK the correct answers are, someone will be able to check your thinking.

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  2. # 2 is a

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  3. Number 2 is D. :)

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  4. What are the answers

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  5. 1.a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum
    2.Anne Bradstreet was never married.
    4.The writer greatly respects her father and the way he has raised her.

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