another english multiple choice question

They swarmed up towards Sherburn's house, a-whooping and raging like Injuns, and everything had to clear the way or get run over and tromped to mush, and it was awful to see. Children was heeling it ahead of the mob, screaming and trying to get out of the way; and every window along the road was full of women's heads, and there was !@#$%^&er boys in every tree, and bucks and wenches looking over every fence; and as soon as the mob would get nearly to them they would break and skaddle back out of reach. Lots of women and girls was crying and taking on, scared most to death.
They swarmed up in front of Sherburn's palings as thick as they could jam together, and you couldn't hear yourself think for the noise. It was a little twenty-foot yard. Some sung out "Tear down the fence! tear down the fence!" Then there was a racket of ripping and tearing and smashing, and down she goes and the front wall of the crowd begins to roll in like a wave.
Just then Sherburn steps out onto the roof of his little front porch, with a double-barrel gun in his hand, and takes his stand, perfectly ca'm and deliberate, not saying a word. The racket stopped, and the wave sucked back.

The contrast between Sherburn (third paragraph) and the crowd (first and second paragraphs) is developed through the choice of:

I. nouns
II. verbs
III. adjectives

(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) I and II only
(D) I and III only
(E) II and III only

I was thinking that one of them is verbs because there are verbs like "swarmed", "screaming", "sung". Then I was thinking it might also be nouns because for the crowd they have "fence", "tree", "road", "yard" and for Sherburn "porch and "gun." The only adjectives I see is "ca'm and deliberate." I was thinking it's (C) I and II only.

One of them is verbs.
The other...heeling screaming crying and taking ripping and tearing and smashing

Are not the above being used as descriptive participles? How are they being used? Seems to me they are having a major impact here, as well as verbs.

I'd say either B or E.

Voting for E. verbs are being both action and description...

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