You are trying to compare the Farenheit and Celcius scales and you have two examples; Temperatur A is 50 degrees Celcius and 122 Farenheit. Temperature B is 100 degrees Celcius and 212 degrees Farenheit. What graph models the relationship between Farengeit and Celcius scales? What is an equation of the line in slope intercept form.
I know you cant see the graphs but maybe be able to explain a little.

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  1. I suggest the following:
    draw a horizontal axis, called C , for Celsius
    draw a vertical axis , called F for Fahrenheit, (note the correct spelling)

    label one point as A(50, 122) and another B((100,212)
    join with a straight line.
    pick any point P(C,F)

    slope of PA = slope BA
    (F-122)/(C-50) = (212-122)/(100-50)
    (F-122)/(C-50) = 90/50 = 9/5
    5F - 610 = 9C - 450
    5F = 9C + 160

    F = (9/5)C + 32 or re-arrange to get C = ....

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  2. I believe it would be y=9/5+32 if I made the graph right. Am I close?

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  3. Not understanding how to graph my answer

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  4. your right

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