Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

Topic - Logic

In the clues below, each variable represent a different digit ranging from 0-9. Determine what digit each variable represent

g+g+g = d (3+3+3 = 9)

j+e = j (2+0 = 2)

g (to the 3rd power) = d (3, to the 2nd power = 9)

b+9 = d (6+3 = 9)

f-b = c (7-6 = 1)

i+h = a where (h>a) (2 / 4 = 8)
a x c = a (8x1 = 8)

/ = dividing

Answers: a = 8
b = 6

c = 1

d = 9

e = 0

f = 7

g = 3

h = 2

i = 4

j = 2

Please help me, I tried my best as you can see and I'm getting a bit confused. PLEASE help!

Thank you

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