1)Find the value of 7+2(5-2*3^2)


2)Name the sets of numbers to which 457 belongs.


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  1. We have this:

    7 + 2(5 - 2 * 3 ^ 2)

    USE PEMDAS...Do you know what PEMDAS stands for?

    Work out the inside of the parentheses first.

    Inside we have this guy:

    5 - 2(3)^2

    5 - 2(9)

    5 - 18


    We now have this:

    7 + 2(-13)

    7 - 26 = -19




    Name the sets of numbers to which 457 belongs.

    457 belongs to the following family of numbers:

    real numbers

    I have doubt about rational.

    Rational numbers are basically fractions.

    Unless you meant to type 0.457, did you?

    In other words, if a number can be written as a decimal (a decimal is basically a fraction) that either repeats forever or simply ends (called a terminating decimal), then the number is RATIONAL.

    Can 457 be expressed as decimal number?

    NO, it cannot!

    This is why I doubt that the family of numbers above includes rational for 457.

    See my point?

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