5th grade religion

For whom do members of the JVC works?
plz don't give me an answer to look at on wikapieda that website does not tell the truth thanks

asked by Madison
  1. I'm sure that Wikipedia has the same information as the JVC web site.


    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. no it doesnt

    posted by Madison
  3. From Wikipedia:

    "The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) is an organization of lay volunteers who dedicate one year or more to voluntary community service working with people in need--the homeless, abused women and children, immigrants and refugees, the mentally ill, people with HIV/AIDS and other illnesses, the elderly, children, and other marginalized groups."

    From the JVC site:

    "Jesuit Volunteers are called to the mission of serving the poor directly, working for structural change in the United States, and accompanying people in developing countries."

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. this is such a hard question

    posted by lily

    posted by LOPPY

    posted by LOPPY
  7. this answer doesnot help {the other one}

    posted by taco cat
  8. Blah

    posted by Camille
  9. i don't know the answer that is what i am looking for
    i will figure it out ps look on all websites that came up

    posted by sweet stuff
  10. woah 2 yrs later...

    posted by hi im not from ur school
  11. what

    posted by swag
  12. this does not help!

    posted by wow
  13. I don't know how do i find it

    posted by TRey
  14. i don't know how about you think about it im not your teacher

    posted by emma
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    posted by colin
  16. All of them

    posted by Mad
  17. I DON'T knOw ^o^

    posted by Daredevil
  18. It has to mean Jesus because it says it in the name and everyone really need to stop saying in the name in the father,son,and holy spirit, so all of you pray with me please with god amen.

    posted by Justin
  19. they work with people in need ect.

    posted by p
  20. This makes no sense...

    posted by Questionable Name
  21. idk...... i need this for homework

    posted by brush
  22. Actually the answer is that the members of jvc work for peace and justice

    posted by Helper outer
  23. I really don't know but you guys are stupid

    posted by Allicia
  24. i am supposed to look on the internet for this question but i don't have a clue

    posted by anne
  25. The answer is they worked for the jesuits by volunteering to help needy people with peace and justice!!

    posted by NONE OF YO BUSINESS
  26. five members

    posted by Aaron
  27. lay volunteers

    posted by brooke
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    posted by Anonymous
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    posted by The emoji that's weird 😜
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    posted by Bob
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    posted by Anonymous
  36. The answer
    Is that


    posted by HI
  37. I'm on this question and it doesn't help. Please all of you, do not use wikipedia. It is a bad website to look of.

    posted by hey
  38. no help

    posted by Anonymous
  39. hhhhh

    posted by Anonymous
  40. The answer isThe members of the JVC work for justice.

    posted by Cat
  41. in the jvc book, its says they work for catholic social teaching

    posted by I KNOW!
  42. Irdk

    posted by Hi
  43. I showed u guys the answer so yeah! Thank me! If you have ROBLOX, my username is cataeris :3

    posted by Cat
  44. They are working with people in need. It's right there people!

    posted by Anonymous
  45. Are you sure you guys are in fith grade?

    posted by Anonymous
  46. i am

    posted by paula

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