Math I really need help!

A group of students decided to look at rectangles that are spuare. They find that no matter what size square they drew, every square was similar to shape B in the Shapes Set and to all other squares. They found that all squares are similar! They decided to call a square an All-Similar shape.
The students wanted to know whether there were any other All-Similar shapes like the square. that is, are there any other groups of shapes called by the same name that are similar to all other shapes called by that name?

1.Make a list of the names of all the shapes in the Shapes Set (squares, rectangles, triangles. triangles, equilateral triangles, circles, and regular hexagons).
2. For each type of shape, list the shapes (using their letter names) that belong in that group.
3. Sort the different types of shapes into two groups:All-similar shapes (such as squares) and shapes that are not All-Similar (such as rectangles).
4. Describe ways in which All-Similar shapes are alike.
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. sorry cant help

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  2. I can help u I don't want to

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