precalculus HELP!

I posted this question before:
What is the area enclosed by the graph of the absolute value(3x)+ the absolute value(4y)=12
I tried solving for y and got: y=4-x
when I graphed this, I got a linear equation graph...I am wondering if I am supposed to find the area of triangle by finding the lengths of the sides??? Am I doing this right? Any suggestions would be great...

There is more than that triangle.

consider when y=0 to -3, x ranges as + or - 4 to zero. Did you graph both those plots? I think you will get four triangles in which to find the area. I would find the area an easier method, but computing the inner and outer triangle between the x axis and y, then subtracting. THere are other ways to find the triangle area also.

Are you that stupid that you cannot solve a problem that simple. Here idiot: graph it and then solve for x then y. Duh! I am a engineer that makes millions of dollars, this is just a waste of time.

Yes, graph both plots;then what do you get;Come on genious your the one on the interent looking for help on something so simple. Why don't you just drop out of school and work at McDonalds, I heard that they are hiring idiots. KillK whats up my wigga!

i nedd help working this problem

2 log X = log 2+log ( 3x-4)

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asked by sara

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